Mountain Biking

Adventure Access mountain biking provides a whole new way to experience the eastern slopes of the Tibetan plateau. As the only biking outfitters in Songpan, Sichuan, we provide a unique way to see the surrounding countryside and local villages combined with quality rides. We use Trek bicycles for all of


The towering peaks and deep valleys of Songpan and Jiuzhaigou counties are a perfect match for those interested in trekking and mountaineering. Most of the treks we offer is around this area but different treks are also available in our overland tours as well. Both single and multi-day treks are

Wilderness Weekends

Adventure Access Wilderness Weekends are great fun for everyone. These trips are customizable outdoor adventure trips that are tailored around you and your group’s interests. This kind of trip is ideal for families, clubs, school groups or just a group of friends looking to have a great time outdoors. Because

Overland Tours

Overland tours through Qinghai, Gansu and Northern Sichuan: Experience the Diversity of China’s West Qinghai, Gansu and Sichuan Provinces are made up of many different cultures and ways of life. The various ethnicities and lifestyles that surround each group’s way of life provide for a unique experience. Han, Hui, and


Songpan Branch

We are open for the 2017 season! Get Out More and come see us in Songpan. Adventure Access Songpan is equipped with mountain bikes, camping gear, and an indoor climbing wall. Our knowledgeable and trained staff are ready to take you out into the Sichuan wilderness. We specialize in trekking,

Experiential Education - Egret Bay-51

Outdoor Experiential Education

Adventure Access Outdoor Experiential Education programs are a great way for schools, clubs, organizations or corporations to enjoy time together in the outdoors. We offer day programs in Chengdu, multi-day experiences nearby, and longer trips reaching into Northern Sichuan and Gansu. A variety of sports, cultural experiences, national parks and