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Our Mission

Accessing the adventure of Western China and granting local communities access to the best life possible. 

Our Vision

To provide the best, high-quality adventure tours and outdoor experiences in Western China for inbound and domestic clients to enjoy the outdoors without the mafan often associated with it.


Who We Are

We specialize in custom built adventure tours. Contact us to begin building your own adventure. We focus a high degree of attention on each individual client, premium outdoor experiences, and cultural interaction with locals. Biking, hiking, horseback tours, and cultural home stay options are available.

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Our Goal:

At Adventure Access, we strive to provide adventurers with the best of outdoor experiences while also enjoying quality cultural interaction. We are committed to developing better life and work opportunities for local nomads and villagers, educating clients and communities about the needs of their surroundings, and leaving a better environment for the future.

Our Commitment:

It is our desire to provide clients with a great experience, but not at the expense of the local community and environment. At Adventure Access we are committed to responsible tourism that develops communities, enriches lives, and improves the environment.

Further Information….

Adventure Access is located in Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan Province, China. Chengdu is the gateway to Western China and can be accessed easily by train or air. Chengdu’s airport is an international destination for many airlines from around the world. Currently, all tours operated by Adventure Access take place within Sichuan Province. We can be contacted at info@adventure-access.com.

Outdoor exploration in China is no easy task. Adventure Access is committed to bringing you the best experience possible. To be prepared, please take a moment and read over the information that we find relevant for each participant and/or team.

Season of Operation:

While Adventure Access is open year-round, the best season for adventure travel is May – October. Peak season is June-August. The weather for May through October varies a lot. Rain is common in the summer months. Altitude and precipitation will affect the temperature greatly. The average altitude for our tours is over 10,000 feet (aprox. 3000m) in elevation. When clear, the sun is intense.

Passports, Visas, and Immunizations:

You must have a passport with sufficient validity and the proper visa to visit China. Because visa requirements vary from country to country, please contact a visa service provider for information related to obtaining a Tourist Visa for China. For general information related to traveling in China, please visit your country’s State Department website. For the USA, this can be found at http://www.travel.state.gov/. Also, please check on recommended vaccines as soon as you begin planning your trip abroad. Information can be found at a local travel clinic or online. One site for information on recommended vaccines when traveling abroad is http://www.nathnac.org.

Waiver and Consent Form:

All participants of Adventure Access are required to sign our Liability Waiver and Consent Form. This can be completed upon arrival or you can contact us in advance to receive the form via e-mail. Minors under the age of 18 must have their legal guardian sign the waiver as well. There are no exceptions. Click here for more information on our tour options…