Mountain Biking

The Trailhead

Adventure Access mountain biking provides a whole new way to experience the eastern slopes of the Tibetan plateau. As the only biking outfitters in Songpan, Sichuan, we provide a unique way to see the surrounding countryside and local villages combined with quality rides. We use Trek bicycles for all of our clients. The standard bike provided on a tour is a Trek 3000 or 4000 series. The option to upgrade to a Trek Fuel EX5 or Trek Fuel EX7 is available at an additional price of 100 RMB. These are all dual suspension bikes and we have 29er options available as well.

Beginner to experienced riders are all welcome. Below are a few mountain bike options we offer.


The Ridge Route: (Beginner/Intermediate)

  • A half-day ride
  • Our most popular route
  • 26o RMB per person

Begins with a 45 minute vehicle transfer from the Adventure Access office to the drop zone. Once we arrive at the drop zone, our guides provide a safety and trail briefing. Commence ride!

It is 25km from the drop zone back to the Adventure Access office in Songpan Old town. It is mostly a downhill trail but there are some uphill sections as well. The trail is suitable for beginner to advanced riders. Different paths can be take to accommodate the preferences of differently skilled riders.
The average group takes 3-4 hours to complete the ride. Throughout the course of the ride, you will encounter two different Tibetan villages and one large Hui village.
The ride begins at about 12,000ft/3658m above sea level and ends at 9,500ft/2896m above sea level.

Ridge Route

A Different Point of View: (Experienced)

  • Downhill single track
  • 400 RMB per person (Upgraded Bike)

Different Point of View

Custom Cycling Packages

  • Single and Multi-day options
  • Prices vary



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For more pictures on our mountain biking adventures, click here!


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