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The towering peaks and deep valleys of Songpan and Jiuzhaigou counties are a perfect match for those interested in trekking and mountaineering. Most of the treks we offer is around this area but different treks are also available in our overland tours as well.

Both single and multi-day treks are available with pack horses available to carry gear. Routes range from moderate to difficult and most gear is provided for all trekking tours. Homestays are also available in some local villages. Below are some of our trekking options we offer.

For more information on preparing for an Adventure Access trek, please see our Seasonal Temperature Chart as well as our Packing List.


Jiuzhaigou is much more than just the national park. We highly recommend a stay with Zhuo Ma’s Tibetan Homestay in Shangsizhai Village. Plan 2-3 days for trekking with us from their Homestay to experience the stunning vistas of Jiuzhaigou without the crowds. For more information, click here.

  • 2 day treks starting at 760 RMB per person
  • 3 day treks starting at 1288 RMB per person
  • All treks begin and end at Zhuo Ma’s Tibetan homestay in Shangsizhai Village
  • Local guide and pack horses available for all groups

Jiuzhaigou Area

Mount Zhaga – Songpan

Mount Zhaga in Songpan County is one of eight “brother mountains” according to the local Tibetans. This stony peak is the closest big peak to Songpan Ancient Town and is one of the easiest mountains to access with our guides. It also provides you with the opportunity to summit a big mountain, even as a beginner. For more information, click here.

  • 2-3 days climb from Songpan
  • Moderate to difficult, non-technical climb
  • This trek/climb starts at 760 RMB per person
  • No pack horses for this climb



Xue Bao Ding

Xue Bao Ding is the tallest mountain in Eastern Aba perfecture. It is the eastern most of the great mountains that rise out of the Himilayas and stands at 5588M above sea level. Trekking near this mountain allows you to experience high mountain vistas, thick forests, powerful waterfalls, and traditional Tibetan villages.

  • 3-5 day treks available from Songpan
  • Experienced guides for all groups and pack horses are available with advance booking
  • Stay in a local homestay in Shanglami village, the nearest village to base camp
  • For the more adventurous, continue hiking to base camp for the unique environment of high, Himalayan peaks
  • Contact us about details and pricing



Hongxing Mountain and Lake 

Hongxing Mountain is among the tallest stone mountains in Songpan. Situated just to the east of Chuanzhusi it is easily recognized as it towers above all surrounding peaks. Hongxing lake lies just below the base of the stone peak on the eastern side. This alpine lake is 4,000m above sea level. For more information, click here.

  • 3-5 day treks available
  • Experienced guides and pack horses available
  • One of the most diverse areas for trekking in Songpan or Jiuzhaigou counties
  • Camping at the lake is not allowed in order to preserve the environment
  • Contact us about details and pricing

HongXing Mountain and Lake

For more photos, click here!

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